Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Charm of Women's Cup

Yes, we all are aware that business owners should be creative when it comes to business idea and generate more profits for the retails, especially on marketing. I used to respect those who are creative in business idea.

This morning, I was kind of surprised when I heard one of the night clubs in Singapore came out with an idea to attract customers and in hope of boost up the revenue. They night club organized an event themed "Fill My Cups". So, what is it about?

The rule is easy. Women will be offered with free drinks according to the cup size of their bra. Woman with A cup would get 1 free drink, while with B cup would obtain 2 drinks and C cup with 3 glasses. Woman with D cup would be given a bottle of alcoholic drink worth SGD168.

What the heck is this idea? How do they measure women's cup size? Take off their bra and let the bartender to measure? Okay sorry, perhaps I concerned too much how it works. With this idea, I would agreed that it may attract a lot of male customers. However, will it be embarrassed for those women only taking 1 cup of drink in their hands?

So, please tell me how many cups this lady can get?

On the other hand, I'm interested to know. If you are a D-cup female, will you support this event and get your SGD168 free drink?

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