Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year New Resolution

Happy new year 2010, folks! How was your new year eve celebration? Did you notice any uncivilized reveler again? I hope not. Well, my 2010 new year eve celebration is pretty simple, compare to the previous one. But I did enjoy it very much.

People always say, new year with new resolutions. Yes, indeed these new resolutions are very important for us to make ourselves better and more success as a person. When I review my last year resolutions, I was surprised that I able to achieve 4 out of 7 resolutions. I felt so great to be honest, for the first time I achieved such a high percentage. Anyway, it doesn't mean I was a loser before this, I think I was just being lazy.

So, have you set your new resolutions? As usual, I've placed 7 new resolutions for myself this year. Some of them are very hard to achieve, and some of them just need some patient and time to achieve. I won't share them with you, because I'm just too shy to do so. ;) If you have no idea what to set yet, perhaps the ideas below will help you out and you may add them into your list.

10. Workout something for your house
Just to learn some basic DIY to increase your advantages.

9. Read a big book
To increase your knowledge without going out there, one of the ways is to read a book. There are so many great books around, perhaps you can just try at least one as a start?

8. Make an appointment with old friends
Lost touch with many old friends? Time to reconnect them. Try using Facebook at least.

7. Attend a seminar
Don't like to attend any seminar? If you want to expand your network, it is the best event to get to know people. Just try once for this year and see how it goes.

6. Devote more time to your hobbies
Too busy for your work/wife/girl friend/family/friends? Do you still remember you have a hobby? it is more fulfilling way to spend your time than doing nothing, yeah.

5. Body workout
Are you getting fatter? or busy working with no exercise for ages? For your healthy life and live inexpensively, you really need to set a workout routine to follow.

4. Open an savings or investment account
Over spending all the while or don't know what to invest your money? Time to do some savings and investment. You just need to plan and start it. Get a financial planner for an advice if necessary. If you interested to invest in local share market, do read my financial blog. :)

3. Conquer a fear
Cannot get a girl friend or a happier life because of fear? Everyone has fear of one kind and another, overcoming them can be a great challenge. So are you ready for a battle?

2. Help someone else
There are always many people around who need help, so don't be selfish. We are trying to make the world better for everyone else. I guess not many people put this resolution in their list. Perhaps you would like to volunteer this year.

1. Travel to a new destination
Travel is a good activity to broaden your horizons, explore new place with better travel experience. In the advent of Air Asia low air fares, we can really fly to many places and countries we want. Love it.

Are these resolutions sound excited to you? What do you have to suggest? Well, I hope you like it. Placing a resolution is good start, but it is more important to implement it!

Again, happy new year 2010, and wishing you the best of everything, folks!


Ninja Coffee said...

conquer a fear sounds good!

conan_cat said...

great ideas for new year resolutions! i have some resolutions myself, and some of them are what you've stated, especially the saving moneys part!

i really suck at money management, and i do plan on opening an investment or savings account this year. any pointers? xD

Kelvin said...

Keep in touch with old friends is hard but its the best of the resolution i seen so far:)

Vincent Lee said...

Ninja, seems like you have some fear to conquer uh.

Vincent Lee said...

Conan, you may start with unit trust investment, pick the best fund with dollar-cost averaging strategy. It'll works.

Vincent Lee said...

Kelvin, right, if it is not hard, I guess it it might be a task instead of a resolution uh.

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