Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malaysia Education Problem

Guess what, Sin Chew daily newspaper had done a survey on people from different races who received education from Chinese schools. The outcome is surprising, because these people had a better result, but they are also more success than their kind in terms of career and income. What does it indicates?

I've to admit that our country existing education system is not the worst, but it's no good either. We knew it, we complaint about it, but we force to sleep with it without being resolved. With the global competition getting strong and stronger, our next generation might not be able to go far when they grow up. And that's why people prefer study private than public school in Malaysia. Why?

Students normally group by good and bad, they can't mix, except couple.

Let's take an example. I believe most of the students in the urban area rely on tuition after school just to get a better result. Why we have extra money to send our children for tuition? How about those parents who are afford to do so? Why this become a norm in our country? I believe students can make use of the tuition time for other better activities, if teacher really can pay the effort and passion in driving the students learning and growth.

Apart from that, the syllabus also part of the problems. The syllabus seems a lot simpler if compare to the private school. For example, the form 3 students in public school are studying what private school form 1 students are studying, especially on major subject like English. It doesn't make sense to me. The only reason I can think of, it might be related to the students catch up rate issues from the rural area.

Next, the daily schedule also has a problem.The school schedule is short, i.e. 7am-1pm and normally it's up to the student to fill up their time after school. By right, the ministry of education should fix some useful activities for student to learn and grow after school lessons. For example, students are compulsory to be active in the clubs after school, or perhaps have some kind of tuition classes in the school, with the assistant of teachers.

School environment and facilities also very important for students.

And I also always heard that there is always short of teachers. Where are our teachers? I believe some of the good one are converted into full time tuition, or export to other countries which have better pays.

Okay, I just have too much to compliment about it, I would like to stop here. I'm not sure how our PM going to close the gap between the rich and poor. But one thing I'm sure is, I need to get myself migrate from the poor to the rich border, before I able to help others.

Poor me.


iyouweblog.com said...

Chinese school more competitive, agree wif ur fact!!!
nanged u! Cheer up ur couple by nang this and read how to make him/her a dessert!

lionel0008 said...

I agree with you that private schools are better
(I'm not Chinese educated though)
as the teachers are usually better (at least there are some who are more enthusiastic in private schools).

PS. I notice there are grammatical errors in the first paragraph. You using Google translate?

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

I agree with you....that is the failure of our education system

kenwooi said...

malaysia will be malaysia..
i think it doesnt matter which school if it comes to individuality.. coz if you're good, then you're good =)


Vincent Lee said...

Thanks for the comments. Let's see what our Ministry of Education will do for our future bridges.

Haha, lionel, thanks for the notification of serious grammar mistakes, I'll double check it next time before post for reading.

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