Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Most Expensive Christmas Card

Oh yea, Christmas is around the corner again! How's your feeling now? I'm glad! So, are you looking for interesting greeting card to send to your love one?

Just want to ask you. How much does a Christmas card cost? And how luxury the Christmas card you have received? No matter how much is the Christmas card cost, or how luxury it is, you would think it is just a card right?

Well well, I noticed a greeting card can be complicated if you want it to be, or as creative as it can be! Have you ever heard of a Christmas card with an iPhone? This is really thinking out of the box. Let's have a look at the short clip below how this fellow made it!

I don't think you going to create one, don't you? Haha!
If you really interested, you can click here to see the ingredients required to make this greeting card. Of course, you need to buy an iPhone first. ;)

Have fun, folks!


iriene said...

Wow, that's really creative :)
Merry Christmas to you and happy holiday! Do drop by my blog when u r online, cheers :)

Vincent Lee said...

Hey, thanks! Same to you, Iriene. I did drop a message in your blog. ;)

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