Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Top 10 of 2009

Wow, it's just too fast and now it's the end of the year of 2009. Everyone will be one year older soon. Every end of the year, I used to recall and review what we have done over the year, I believe many people doing so, including media.

As usual, I will be posting what I've done over the year soon. Before that, I would like to share with you what media has about 2009. On the news, Time has published The Top Everything of 2009. Wow, it seems very interesting and attracted my attention to view this web page. And the most interesting part is Top 10 News Stories.

They are listed by sequence, from Top 1 to 10. Even though we knew about all the news listed in the top 10, it is interesting to refresh and review on them, such as the death of Michael Jackson, H1N1 Swine Flu, Sri Lanka Civil War and so on.

So, what about your Top 10 Stories/Matters/Everything of 2009?


Himmat Singh said...

Top story has gotta be the swine flu scare, and then of course the global reccesion.

Vincent Lee said...

Perhaps it is. Unfortunately, people are always selfish, they put their money in the first place. :)

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