Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A CEO Game

Are you dream of becoming a CEO or boss that managing a public listed corporation with multi-millions one day?

Yes, I love to be the boss and have the unusual wealth and status in the society, I believe you may dream about it sometimes. :) I always wonder whether there is such a game or virtual world for me to try on, instead of begin with the real one.

Just to share with you, I found a CEO game in Facebook on yesterday. I was very excited and started to play once I registered an account. This CEO game allows you to operate like an entrepreneur and CEO, including setup your business, locate your shop lots, hire and manage people, get your secretary to arrange something for you, meeting with your investor, try to make money from your business, upgrade your status in the society, and so many more. I found it interesting and excited. It won't spend much time to manage your business, perhaps 30-60 minutes a day should be sufficient.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Chinese version. For those don't know how to read Chinese, I'm sorry that you can't enjoy the game for the time being. Perhaps you have other CEO game would like to share with us here.

Else, you may want to try this game now. Have fun!


zero said...

nang you^$mile

Vincent Lee said...

Thanks, I replied in favor. ;)

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