Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uncivilized Christmas Revelers

So how was your Christmas eve celebration? I believe most of the Christians doing the count down in the churches. Surprisingly, many of the non-believers and believers doing the count down and celebration outside the church. It is okay, because almost everyone celebrate Christmas, isn't it?

However, I just wonder why small portion of the local revelers are so naughty and ruined the Christmas celebration this year. There was an incident happened at Penang where the unruly revelers punching, kicking and attacking 2 Rela members with helmets during a Christmas eve gathering at Penang. They beat them because the Rela members hauled up one of their friends for giving passing vehicles a good "shake".

Apart from beating people, they also sprayed aerosol foam on motorists and banged passing vehicles. Some revelers even lifted the motorists windscreen wipers to prevent drivers from sweeping away the foam. Even pressmen on duty were not spared as some were shoved by the revelers.

So what is this? A crazy celebration or uncivilized barbarians action in the house? They think they are many of them and they can do what they like? Aren't they never think of how their beloved parents, girl friend, friends and relatives feel when they get to know about this?

We hope they had learned a lesson. Let's anticipate the best for the coming New Year eve celebration. :)

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