Friday, December 4, 2009

The Door is Opened

There is a very strange case happened for my living house on yesterday evening.

The story is like this. On yesterday morning, we locked the house door properly and we went out to work. When my house mates and I went home at around 7.30pm, we were shocked and discovered the house main door is open widely. Since it's already late evening, there is no light switch on. We quickly rushed into the house and check if there is anything missing.

To our surprise, nothing is missing, not a single item. The main door is opened widely, and there is no broken sign from the door. Apparently the suspect has the right key to open it up.

Imagine when you came back to your house and discovered the main door is opened, how scary it is!

After that, we examined outside of the house, and discovered a brand new "Brand" Essence drink is locating at the drive way. What does that means? We have totally no idea what did the suspect wants.

We also checked with both right and left neighbors, but unfortunately both of them are not in the house since 5pm, and they also did not know what is going on.

Heck, is this a game? Or it was just an incident of the door lock doesn't work as usual? I think I should ask the landlord to change the door lock and key soonest. What do you think?


kenwooi said...

hmm.. sounds scary to be honest.. >.<

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to worry about. If none of your things missing then pray to the lord and move on. Thinking deep abt this will not solve anything and ....YES ...get the lock changed!! :)

Vincent Lee said...

Wow, thanks for the comments. We are living so far so good. :)

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