Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Way to Cure Premature Ejaculation?

Are you watching porn frequently? If yes, do you get any benefit from it? Expert recently said watching porn movies can help cure premature ejaculation. I don't mind watching porn most of the time, but how true is it?

A local newspaper reported that a man who was diagnosed with prostatitis went to seek treatment at a hospital in Guizhou, China, and was asked to watch porn movies. He paid about S$120 for the treatment.

Singapore urologist Dr Lin Fa Cai said the hospital might want the patient to masturbate while watching the movies, in order for him to discharge “unhealthy sperm”. He said the movies used in such treatments were specially selected.

Dr Yang Zhi Jian from a men’s health clinic in Singapore said watching porn films could help as patients learn skills to improve their sex lives. He, however, said he had never used the method before. What a bull shit.
Another sex expert, Dr Yu Wei Siang, said the method could stimulate the production of male hormones.
If these experts are really categorized as 'expert', I would say you are the master!

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