Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Singing Beggars In The House

If you yet to know, foreign beggars scatter in Malaysia cities are starting to use a new tactic to collect donations, by serenading the people first. The women, one of them equipped with a guitar, would go to food outlets, open restaurants and mamak stalls, hoping to win favours with their singing skills.

Often travelling in groups of three, the women would sing songs from foreign countries such as the Philippines as well as golden oldies. They would sing for about five minutes and then take out a “donation booklet” in aid of welfare homes in their home country. It is proved by police that these women were part of a syndicate trying to earn easy money from kind people.

I was lucky to witness the 'live' show where I'm having a drink with my friend in an open restaurant in the mid of last month, when I was back to my hometown for vacation. When we are chatting, we heard someone singing Christmas song with guitar from our back. We were a little bit excited intially. Don't misunderstood, the guitar they carrying is a tiny one, just enough for them to carry around easily and to make some noise within 20-30 meters. When one of the women took out the booklet, we know what they want. Fortunately, we did not make any donation to them. Yes, their vocals sound that they were from philipines.

Anyway, according to the police, these foreigners are earning big bucks. They once caught a 60 year old man from China who earned thousands of RM dollars monthly and even stayed in a hotel. Most foreign beggars entered the country on social visitors’ passes. The more people give, the more beggars will continue with their chosen profession.

If they sing with this kind of quality, perhaps I will donate some.
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