Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Review: Winning

If you are looking for a general corporate management book, I would say Winning written by Jack Welch is the best management book I ever read. Even you are not in management level, I would say you are still encourage to read this magnificent book. Perhaps you will like it.

Book Title: Winning
Category: Business/Management
Author: Jack Welch
Publish Year: 2005

Why? Basically Winning covered the necessity of management we need to practice in few fundamental aspects. The book also written in a way that easy to understand. Once you start reading it, you will keep reading until the end. That's the beauty of this book. Jack Welch has tried his best to bring out the meaning of management and the way the management should be.

If you haven't know, Jack Weltch was the most successful CEO of General Electric, with net worth of US$720 millions. He is 75 and he is having tour to give talk and seminar to the management people aroud the world.

Winning, the Wall Street Journal and New York Time Bestseller was published in year 2005 and perhaps most of you have heard or read it. However, I only came to know it early in the mid of last year through my cousin. Basically Winning breaks the content into 4 sections. The initial section is just to awake and notify people that what a good management should possess, such as candor and differentiation. The second section is discussing about how you should manage your people, including hiring and firing. That's a good guide for new manager.

Where section 3 touched about how you should face with competition. The best part of it is the how-to strategy. It is simple but yet useful. And the final section is talked about your career, how you should face your boss and get the right job.

Overall, I gave Winning the following ratings:
Content: 9/10
Easy to understand: 8/10
Chapter Sequence: 6.5/10
Usefulness: 7/10
Worth the penny: 9/10

Jack Welch also has few other books, perhaps I will review his another book I've read next time.
If you have yet to come across Winning, go grab one copy today! It's totally affordable and worth the penny!
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