Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Cheerleaders Blamed for Defeat in Asian Games?

With China sweeping up the gold medals faster than ever in Guangzhou, it leaves little mystery as to which country will top this Asian Games’ medal count on November 27 when the games come to a close. That’s probably why the audience and photographers are looking away from the podiums for some excitement.

The Chinese cheerleaders of the Guangzhou Asian Games have headlined the local press over the past few days, with those on the beach volleyball and basketball court getting an excessive share of the spotlight. And at least one losing player blames them for his team's defeat.

"The cheerleaders had an effect on how we played. I think they had something to do with our losing the match, " said Yemenite beach volleyball player Adeeb Mahfoudh to The Telegraph yesterday. Yemen lost its beach volleyball game against Indonesia on November 16. Well, I would say that Yemenite player who complained about this is an ass hole. By right you have to concentrate your match, it's your game, dude! Why your opponent did not complain about it? You just cannot blame pretty women for being sexy.

Who says China doesn’t have a secret weapon? According to Ben Ben, captain of one of the beach volleyball cheering teams, most cheerleaders are university students who went through a national draft. To prepare for this Asian Games, those girls, whose average age is 20, have gone through some intensive training since June.

Good job, Chinese cheerleaders!
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