Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Difference of Take Care and Not

On yesterday afternoon, a friend and I went to one of the car dealers to pick up her second-hand Toyota VIOS, about 5 years old car. On the other hand, I was also looking for a second-hand car. The dealer was asking us to try out one of the Mitsubishi Lancer VII in their garage.

From the information given, it shows that it is under 1st hand user and the vehicle has been used for 3 years and 3 months time, while the mileage is about 102,000km, and it's 1.6cc petrol. The price offered is also reasonable. The only bad thing is that the driver used the car up to 34,000km a year, that's a lot.

The basic maintenance is to service your vehicle on time.

With the high mileage, my friend and I decided to test the Lancer with the attitude of 'trying only'. At first, we take a look for the exterior and interior of the vehicle, apparently the car is proper taken care of, only minor scratches were found outside the car. The inside's is proper maintain . We also take a look at the engine, it was like new engine with proper cleaning. When we started the engine, it sounds like good as well. We took a round from the highway and surprisingly, we feel like we are driving a new car, without finding further problem on it. I'm totally impressed with it.

We thought it might be due to the car is only 3 years old and it's still consider very new. So we decided to call up another friend who also intend to sell his Lancer VII. His car is apparently newer than the previous one, where he only used about 2 years and 10 months, and the mileage is 72,000km. Since we directly deal with the owner, he offered us a better price than the car dealer, about SG$1,000 difference.

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Once we met him up, and we took a look at the car immediately. Firstly, we took a look at the exterior and interior, many parts of the car exterior was scratched, and the interior apparently is not as good as the previous one. From the look at it, the engine part is almost the same. However, when we started the engine, the sound was totally different. The previous Lancer is much more powerful and smooth. When we did a test drive, we can feel that the car seems like having some problems and not as smooth if we compare the previous test drive.

Well, I can only conclude that the difference is made by how well the driver take care of the vehicle, as well as how important it is to maintain the car well in order to have a better driving feel. But as we all know, many people don't know or lazy to maintain their car properly, they know how to use only. This is bad, as they did not aware that they can enjoy the great benefits of proper maintaining a car.

You should have a checklist to maintain your vehicle regularly.

With proper maintenance of the car, I believe we can drive it comfortably, but we also can sell it with higher value regardless of the mileage.

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