Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You Good in Making a Decision?

Recently, there is an unique quiz advertised on British newsapaper, the question is:
" There is 3 scientists in a hot-air balloon, which is having insufficient air. One of them is an expert can save the world by protecting the world environment from pollution. Another expert has the ability to prevent the nuclear war and save the world. And the final one has the ability to invent & plant food, to save the millions of poor from hunger. However, they must throw one of them out, in order to save the other two experts, to prevent the hot-air balloon is going to crash. So who should they throw?"

After people seen the question, the respond was very good. Most of the answers are discussed about who to throw, some argue with each other. In the end, the answer released and the one answered correctly was a boy.

Does decision making involving strategy, governance & leadership?

The boy's answer is pretty simple, "just throw the the fattest one!". Have you got it correct?

Decision making is always playing a very significant role in our life, including personal and business. We rely on our decision making, should we succeed or fail. How good are you in making a decision? Well, when making a decision, apart from experience and knowledge, there are other factors we should take into consideration.

We need a technique & skill to make a quality decision. If you interested to understand more about it, you may read "The Effective Decision" from Peter Drucker.

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