Saturday, November 14, 2009

How To Build Confident?

Hey folks, so far I've seen 2 votes on the polls, investment and technology. If no doubt after 3 days, I will be focus on these 2 themes to write my future posts. Thanks for the 2 kind people to spend their few seconds to vote for their interests.

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Sorry folks, no free Anti-Malware for this week. Now, I want to discuss about how we can build up confident in a task. Confident in doing something is about inner part. Looking good or body fit doesn't mean you have the confident. When I was young, I always wonder why some people able to show up confident no matter what he or she doing, and some people just able to show in certain areas, and some people just don't have the confident in everything. Why? Are those experts born to be confident in the first place?

If you have self-confident about yourself, you have already success 50%.

And now, I finally understand how the confident can be built up. Logically, if you have been doing the same thing over the years or many times, you tend to be confident in that thing. For example, some people might not confident in driving before they attend to driving class and take driving exam. Even after they obtained the driving license, they still not really confident in it, because they just learned to drive. And after they have drive a couple of weeks or months, they finally see it is simple job to do, and have confident with it. And they can start illustrate and telling others how to drive and so on.

Is the same thing isn't it? Just like a financial consultant has confident talks about how to do financial planning on others, a businessman has confident in setup multiple businesses upon his first few successes, or perhaps a player has confident in how to tackle the pretty girl in a pub.

Just be patient, you will need time to build up your confident.

The problem is, how do we have confident if we are not experience about the thing before? Just do it? I don't think so. Do you think a player feels confident to get his target when he the pub for the first time? Or do you think a fresh entrepreneur feels he is confident to be success for the 1st time? Perhaps they have the initial confident before the failure. It will be totally gone easily if they give u.

For me, it is not about the confident leads to success, it's your experience and skills. It's your experience and skills that build up the confident in you, and work out the outcome of success. And most of the books and sources will tell you about one thing in order to have the skills and experience, practice. Yes, practice makes perfect. For example, if you want to learn how to play World of Warcraft in order to play with your friends who always hang around the cyber cafe, you will start to spend time to learn about the game. Buy the game to install in your computer, learn each character and what strengths and capabilities they have, and then you keep playing the game with the computers until you familiar with the character and possess the skills, and have the confident in yourself that you can play with your friends.

You can always look into compliments to further boost up your confident.

Another good example is going after the girl you like. Initially we feel panic and nervous to approach the girl we like. But as a man, we have no choice and we force to action, perhaps by self or friend encouragement. We normally did it very badly for the 1st few times, due to our nervousness. But if we insist, learn from self and other mistakes, get a mentor, come out with some simple strategy and plan, and keep practicing it, we will finally build up our confident in it, not only approaching attractive female, but in everything, including building our wealth. And soon or later, it would be an easy job for you, just like driving a car.

In a nutshell, apart from self-confident, we also build up our confident by walking out of our comfortable zone by having a positive thinking, insisting our goal, take encouragement, and keep practicing it until we success and have that kind of confident build up in ourselves. This should be the most solid confident we should have in us.

After I typed a lot of craps from my thought, what do you think on how to build a person confident?


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