Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Mistakes

Hang on, it's not really top 10, but just that I would like to share some movie mistakes from 10 movies with you in this post. Enjoy.

So whose fault is that?

Did you watch Captain America lately? It inspired me to have this post. After Roger transformed, his pant seems like changed without the look of stress. I hope it's not copy and paste from incredible hulk?

Have a nice weekend , folks!


Armstrong said...

Haaha cool post... saw some of them before but some didn't notice before.

Movie mistakes are always interesting to have a look at, because we tend to search for mistakes haaha. Homo sapiens kan haaha.

Btw, haven't watched Captain A... ya ya I saw the trailer. The pants is magical like Hulk's haaha.

eKimkee said...

I bet there are a lot more out there. But I think these are the one which I think very interesting.

Thanks. :)

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