Sunday, December 11, 2011

Warren Buffet's 26 Lessons Part 3

Here's the final part of Warren Buffet lessons. That's all his sharing? Well, let's keep it simple but they should work. 

Lesson 14: Beware of consequences
Any important decision will cause consequences, no matter investment or daily life. When you make any decision, you must think about consequences.

Lesson 15: Don’t judge based on appearance
Never judge a person based on appearance. If you make a mistake on this, you will lose what you expected.

Lesson 16: Keep learning and growing
Learn, learn, learn! If you want to maintain competitiveness, you must continuously learn everyday.

Lesson 17: Look for solution, don’t only know how to say NO
A successful person always be aggressive and passion, look for different possible solution and they never say no.

Lesson 18: Wrap up yourself appropriately
If you want to gain other’s respect, you must respect other first. If you want to be liked by others, you must make yourself cute.

Lesson 19: Too good to be true is not true
You must be clam and mature enough when you face seduction. If someone guaranteed that he/she can help you make big return or grand prize, you must not believe easily.

Lesson 20: Venue decides business opportunity
You need a good venue to do business and attract customer. If the venue is not good, it won’t be outstanding even everything is good.

Lesson 21: The better the business also need advertisement
No matter what product you are selling, you need a good advertisement in order to leave a good impression to others.

Lesson 22: Invest what is necessary
New things normally will just hot for a while. You should always spend on something that is really need.

Lesson 23: Be honest
Business policy is very simply. Be honest and integrity, fair price and don’t cheat.

Lesson 24: Do you what understand
Keep awake, don’t invest something you don’t understand.

Lesson 25: Provide good service to maintain competitiveness
The most important to do business is to have good services and treat customer as your partner.

Lesson 26: Price Decisive Power
If you have the say to raise the price, and you won’t miss existing customer, you already have a very good business!

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