Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Aggressive?

When people said this person is aggressive, I always wondering what does aggressive stands for, why they said this person is aggressive, how does it apply, etc. Well, after working in the business line for a couple of years, I finally understand what does aggressive stands for in reality.

To me, aggressive is you set a clear goal and you want to achieve that goal with whatever method you try and use. Therefore, aggressive should containing proper planning, hard-working, daring (courage) and most importantly, doing something that others don't usually do / not dare to do.

Let me just use going after a woman as an example. Aggressive guy always be the first one approach the woman he likes, by apply proper technique and whatever it works to get the woman's number and heart. Those guys who are not aggressive or shy, they can only see the aggressive guy actions, and envy from there. It's the same for an entrepreneur and investor.

I have to admit that I'm not an aggressive guy, neither in business, investment nor love matter. I'm always passive, play safe, and waiting for others to move first. And that's why all the while I'm just being a mediocre guy, or below the par.

Recently, I realized lack of aggressiveness will make me no way to go, especially in this getting more competitive world. I'm not sure how to start to become more aggressive. There is no use of just saying I want to be aggressive, as I already start talking to myself since 3 years ago.

As a start, perhaps I should force myself to do something out of my comfortable zone and not many people doing it. I know it's not easy. When I face difficulty, I really need to think about my future and make sure I won't get regret if I miss it again.

Let's try and see how it goes. :)

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