Friday, February 6, 2009

My Chinese New Year Version

Hi folks. Sorry for no update here for almost 2 weeks, as I've been falling sick for more than a week. I've yet to recover until today. It's very bad to fall sick but it's out of my control. Anyway, I would like to share with you on what is happening around my hometown in Malaysia lately.

I went back to my hometown during CNY. Before that, we all know the whole world is suffering from recession and some of them are under deflation, including my country. And the world fuel price has also dropped more than 70%, where Malaysia has dropped the retail petrol price about 33% (it's still expensive at RM1.8 per liter though). Great, I should expected some price drop for the stuffs and foods in my hometown too.

It's USD40 per barrel now. I don't understand why our fuel price is still very expensive!

However, I got the totally wrong opinion. The foods in my hometown are getting much more expensive, the price hike of the stuffs cannot escape too. Everything is getting much more expensive, what a disappointment! Imagine some Chinese restaurants without air-con selling a plate of small portion chicken/pork rice can cost us about RM5.50, is it too much? I've too add rice and it cost me another RM1. I personally think RM4.50 is already too much, after consider the portion given. I thought our consumer association is doing something for us. Both parties are money suckers. Wtf. Unfortunately, these restaurants still full with people, and it's very pack. I'm not sure how rich the consumers are, but definitely they are not eating what they paid for.

RM5.50 for a small plate of pork rice like this? Don't kidding me, my friend!

I'm not sure whether it is healthy to boycott their restaurant, or refuse to eat at their restaurant, until they force to drop the price to a satisfy level. Anyway, I think my hometown people won't going to do that, and they are just desperate of getting expensive food. Old Chinese used to say, 'if it's not expensive, you won't get good stuff/reward', I doubted.

I used to get RM10 per Ang Pow, now perhaps RM2 and RM5, sometimes 'none'.

Another thing is, I really felt that this Chinese New Year is very quiet, I mean not as happening as previous years, and the economy is slowing down where the buying power is greatly reduce compare to last few years, even on cheap sales. In view of many shopping malls and merchandise are going to open soon, I doubt many of them will be having good businesses. I think it's the same for many other countries, especially developed countries.

Well, if this is the case, why don't we borrow this opportunity to start to boost up and promote online business? I reserve my point here due to my hometown people's attitude and the conservative level. We have to try anyway.

I believe lion dance is getting less popular nowadays?

Of course, Ang Pow accumulation was greatly reduced as well, and I didn't see most of my old friends came back for celebration. The most important one for CNY event, lion dance also greatly reduced. To be honest there is not even ONE lion came to my house to collect Ang Pow. It was so pissed off.

In summary, I've an unhappy Chinese New Year this year. I hope I have a happier one on next year, and definitely it will. ;)

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