Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Gift

Hah! It's Valentine Day again. Have you prepare your Valentine present to your love one?

As a male, most of the time the gift and surprise preparation does make us headache, as we have to think and do it repeatedly every year. In fact, what is actually the ideal gift for your girl friend or spouse for this year? How about make it creatives? Romantic? Expensive? Exclusive? Unique? Make it simple or perhaps avoid the celebration?

I believe chocolates and flowers are no longer in favor due to serious recession impact. In South Korea, the hottest gift is "cash". I'm not sure what's have in Malaysia and Singapore. The most common one I noticed is "dinner".

Chocolate used to be Valentine gifts, how about now?

In order to know what is the most 'efficient' Valentine gift, perhaps we can get some opinions from the gift receivers, females. Below are the opinions provided by3 Chinese females (Chinese translated).

A 20 years old undergraduate said: "Stuffs like flowers and chocolates, to be frank they are not attractive for me anymore, no matter from my boy friend, admirers. It's best if he can notice what I long looking for, and then buy it for me on that day. Then it will really touch me."

Will 'Valentine Cash' will be happening in the future? You better don't try.

A 28 lawyer said: "To be honest, no matter what present or where we celebrate, it doesn't matter to me. The most important is I can feel he is 'true' and care about me. As simple as that."

A 48 years married fashion designer said: "After married for so long and the kids are studying high school, I feel not reality to have romantic anymore. Therefore, I wish my husband can spend more time with me, talk to each other, enjoy together, the rests will just leave for the children."

I wonder why red wine comes into picture during Valentine dinner. Preparing for next activity?

Did you see that? Different age level of female looking for different objectives and satisfaction, so do men. The older elder we are, the lower requirements we looking ahead. In reality, perhaps we have to live in that way, unless we are pursuing something else. That's the deal. Okay, you should know what to prepare for the coming Valentine Day by now, right?

Even though I don't have a partner to celebrate Valentine Day at this moment, it's quite unique to me. Because most of my friends won't be available to accompany or let me accompany that day. I hope I won't face this problem again in next year. xp

Happy Valentine Day to all of you!


Amanda said...

Happy Valentine Day to u...Same as u i am spending the day alone also...Lazing on the bed watching those lovey dovey dramas..Kinda sad...

Vincent Lee said...

Happy belated valentine day to you too. Don't worry, the sad day will over when your happy day is coming. ;)

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