Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Rape of Nanking

When I opened my Email on last weekend, I accidentally received a forwarded email from a friend, with the topic of Nanking Massacre, and asked me to anti-Japanese. The pictures she attached in the Email immediately draw my attention. I heard about this incident before since I was young, but I did not bother much about it as there is no Internet access for me to find out more about this incident.

Basically the pictures in the Email depiciting on how Nanking massacre victims being killed and raped by the Japanese during 1937. From my understanding, Japanese managed to conquer Republic of China's capital, Nanking during Dec of 1937, but I have totally no idea what is happening during that time.

Nanking Massacre bodies flooded Yang Tze river.

I studied the history of World War II during my secondary school time. But it is just a brief one, where our education book only talks about how Adolf Hitler conquered and died, and how and how long Japanese dominated our country. Our history book did not mention about this incident at all, so I wonder whether this incident exist or not.

Out of my curiosity, I dig further on documentary web site, watch the documentary movie 'Nanking' and also the latest movie of 'Nanking! Nanking!' to further understand the incident. In the end of the day, I found out this can be highly true. The pictures have proved the incident, but also the Chinese victims, Chinese soldiers and Japanese soldiers to describe what had happen during the incident, according to the 'Nanking' documentary film.

Two idiot Japanese commanders competing on slaying number of Chinese heads.

Basically the Japanese army just spent 3 days to defeat the Chinese army and enter the city. Initially the Nanking General announced the city would not surrender and would fight to the death, by gathered about 100,000 untrained and low motivation soldiers. Low morale, troops in open flight, and an overwhelming enemy superiority in numbers caused the General to retreat across the Yangtze River after 3 days, without officially announcing any intention of surrendering the city to the Japanese military authorities.

Many orders given during the battle contradicted those of headquarters, and many more orders were simply ignored. The resulting chaos, compounded by the inadequacy of pre-battle preparations, gave Chinese soldiers little chance to escape the oncoming onslaught of the Japanese army. The defense plan fell apart from the very beginning because the defenders were overwhelmed by Chinese troops fleeing from previous defeats such as the Battle of Shanghai, and these troops just wanted to escape to safer ground and refused to obey any orders.

Chinese prisoners being buried alive by Japanese army.

From the history, we can know the problems of the Chinese troop and the Japanese army is too strong to be defeated. And unfortunately, the Japanese army had commited atrocities, such as killing, rapes, loot, arson and so on in Nanking city, with the unappropriate management from the commanders and poor discipline among the army. And there was about 300,000 casualites in Nanking, either massive killed by machine guns from the back, raped and killed, abused to death, snap by long knife and the head being cut while alive, and whatever the Japanese army likes. 80,000 women were raped and gang-raped, including infants and elderly.

However, whatever they had done, they have their karma. United States launched 2 nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki city of Japan to end the World War II at 1945. The bombs killed about 140,000 and 80,000 civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. Afterward, the Japanese civilians were also suffered rape incidents during the occupation of Japan.

Aftermath of Nagasaki atomic bomb at 1945.

What a upset history.


whoami said...

Do know how I can get a copy of the documentary and the movie. I read Iris Chang's book about this but have not seen the documentary or the movie. Thanks!

whoami said...

Do know how I can get a copy of the documentary and the movie. I read Iris Chang's book about this but have not seen the documentary or the movie. Thanks !

Vincent Lee said...

Hi. Perhaps you can download & preview "Nanking" from

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