Sunday, June 21, 2009

CommunicAsia 2009

This week, I've been to CommunicAsia 2009, the 20th international communications and information technology exhibition and conference. It was a great experience for me to explore what are the existing and new IT products, services and solutions, surrounding with sexy models and technologies.

Apart from Singapore companies, the exhibitors also came from Austrialia, Brunei, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, China, France, Germany, Russia and so on. Let's look at what are the interesting stuffs and comments I found from the exhibition.

1) Singtel Booth - Driving F1 Simulation
Perhaps Singtel was one of the heaviest investment in this exhibition, as they managed to get in a F1 simulator to let the vistors to try on. The F1 itself will vibrate, move left, right, forward & backward according to the racing track, just like you driving a real F1. I didn't manage to try it due to long queue. Anyway, it looks fun and good experience.

The most impressive game of the exhibition - F1 Simulator

2) Yahoo! Booth - Nothing surprising me
Yahoo! joined the exhibition for the 1st time, and they have a private party on the 1st day, which I was not invited. They offer light foods, alcohol & beverages but it looks like nothing suprising me. Perhaps this booth is the shortest time I spent in overall.

Yahoo! Booth. Sorry, there was no promoters found.

3) Blackberry
Blackberry was having a short seminar and party on the 2nd day. The booth is displaying the latest Blackberry models, which I'm not really into it, including the Blackberry girls.

Blackberry, very big version of model walking around the exhibition.

4) LG and Samsung - Impressive mobile models & promoter uniform
LG and Samsung, as usual, displaying the latest mobile models to the visitors. Their booths are very big and most of the new models look cool. They hired many sexy promoters with nice looking uniform to explain the features of every new models. The most impressive part was LG hired a professional team of Korean street dancers to perform dancing twice a day. Thumbs up.

Outlook of LG booth.

Outlook of Samsung booth.

Street dancer from LG.

5) Telekom Malaysia (TM) - Lousiest booth compared to the booths above
Not to say I'm not supporting my own country's booth, but it's really sucks. The promoters they hired are sucks and unprofessional. They look like the teenagers on the streets and most of the time sit there and not doing their works. And the only game TM offered is the lousy soccer game. Well, may be I'm wrong. Move on, please!

This is the soccer game, my friend.

6) CBoss - Impressive promoters
Perhaps CBoss is nothing much to display on it's technology, but the promoters. In fact, I don't really understand why they setup a stage just for a few Russian promoters carrying the Cboss board and stand there for the whole day. Perhaps they want to promote the name of CBoss? I don't manage to ask their Boss anyway.

CBoss promoters posting on the stage.

Overall the exhibition is successful, many exhibitors but the crowds seem a bit weak this year, perhaps due to economy recession. I'm looking forward the coming CommunicAsia and hope they will do it even better. Cheers.

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