Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bike Innovation

Do you like cycling? It doesn't matter you to like or not, because you just won't used any energy via cycling with this new bike.

Due to the heavy traffic congestion around the main cities almost everywhere in the world, something has to come up to alleviate the traffics, including bike, which is totally environmental friendly. From what I've been told, many Europe countries are starting to use bike as their transportation, to avoid traffic jam. Well, if you yet to know, China and Japan started to use this transportation since ages ago, until now.

This should be perfect, as it can help us exercise while avoid the vehicle traffic congestion. Perhaps it will makes us a little bit tired and slow to reach the destination. And the worst thing is, it's not really applicable in South East Asia and Africa, due to the warm weather condition, as well as there is no special track for the bicycle which can be very danger.

So there is a brilliant guy from UK came out with a bike which designed to overcome some drawbacks above, excluding weather issue. :) Basically the bike can run up to about 19kmph, by using electric motor. The biker will just need to sit upright and steer the hands at his/her side. It is light and able to fold into a bad at 22lb, for us to carry around anywhere. The battery can be recharged as well, and last up to about 10km.

Well, of course, there are some limitation at the moment, including short lifetime of 1,000 charges, yet to be legal and it's expensive.

In conclusion, I think the inventor did a good job here. What do you think?


Margaret said...

if our country can have this kind of invention, it would be the start of a new era... European are very inventive and so are Americans.

Vincent Lee said...

Yes, you are right, Margaret. So when is your turn? :P

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