Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online Storage & backup

Are you feeling trouble to backup your data to your USB external hard disk every time?

I know, perhaps you already heard of online storage and backup solution from the Internet. Yes, this is the one I'm going to talk about today. Well, normally online storage & backup solution normally offers in packages, based on storage capacity and speed of backup and recovery. You just try to type online storage in Google, you will got plenty of them.

Yes, most of the online backup packages are chargeable. If you read my blog frequently, you should know that I never promote any software that will cost you a single cent. Yes, there are still free lunches in this world, but they are just rare. So are you interested about it?

This solution brings much convenient to end-users to backup their data online.

Okay, basically I'm using a free online storage solution since a couple of months ago. It's brilliant and beyond my satisfaction. What amazed me is that, it can automatically backup and sync the data up to 2 computers. The application will helps you store the current version of each file, and also the previous 2 versions. Fantastic! In addition, this free plan provides you up to 2GB of online storage. Yes, SugarSync is offering this package for FREE to everyone, including mobile user. So just try it out and let me know how satisfy you are.

Anyway, this free plan has some limitations, including backup and sync an unlimited computers, unable to store more than 3 past version of file, it isn't as speedy as paid plan, and only up to 2GB data. Well, if you really like it, you can always go for the paid plan to overcome these limitation. You can even FREE to try for 30-days with the paid plan, before you really subscribe for it. You even entitled to downgrade back to 2GB free plan right after that enjoy the 30 days free trial.

SugarSync is offering what we looking for.

I think this should be the best plan I come across. If you have a better one, do share with us here. Happy online backup'ing, folks!

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min dfin said...

Do you know any free software for backup data from notebook harddisk to external USB harddisk?

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