Sunday, October 11, 2009

The 10-Days MBA

I believe most of you heard about MBA, or even some of you are already an MBA! Let me just briefly explain what is it. MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. It is an essential post graduate degree in business communication and also one of the most sought after degrees in the world because of its value to people in business and administration. I totally agreed on this.

Normally, an MBA degree can benefit the positions in business and management, especially those in executive and managerial positions, especially in corporation and listed company, business educated people is always highly required. Thus, an MBA degree has great value not only to find an executive and managerial post, but also gain advantage in your business knowledge, leadership ability and networking.

It's MBA is really that important to climb corporate ladder?

Well, I always dream to go further study and become an MBA, preferably to study MBA course in the top business school in US. Unfortunately, I'm not afford to do so for the moment, I believe jackpot might help me round the dream, but I just reluctant to waste money anymore on gambling. So what's the alternative?

Yes, when I visited a unique bookstore 2 months ago in Singapore, I discovered a book named "The 10-Days MBA". I was curious and have a read on the table of content and summary of that thick book. Basically, it stated that the book is a step-by-step guide to mastering the skills taught in top business schools. With this book, everyone can know whats being taught in MBA course of top business schools within days. It sounds very interesting, I decided to buy the book after 1 month time (due to I've quite a few unread books).

The 10-Days MBA

For now, I've finished up the book, and I discover it is not that easy and interested as what I thought earlier. There are 10 topics and almost every topics required to memory tough formula and calculations. The topics including operation, accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, etc, with simple English written. Those are essential topics in business. Without understand the term and formula, you are just flipping the papers only apart from theory. Overall, I'm still enjoyed reading it as now I know how MBA works for the analysis, budget, prediction, judgment based on those theory and formula.

Perhaps due to my age is growing big and bigger, my learning speed is not as what I thought, but it doesn't affecting myself to go for my dream. I have a ex-schoolmate, who is at my age, working as an accountant and doing her MBA part-time study now. She told me it is a little bit tough as she needs to spend efforts and time to do the assignments and projects, while she needs to cover her job works. Well, since we give and take, I believe it worth the effort and time. Keep it up, my friend!

So folks, before you go for MBA study, make sure you have a 'preview' on The 10-Days MBA book first. :)


Kennee said...

Hehe... i'll follow ya advice la...since i planned to take MBA as well... XD
Btw, nanged ya and clicked ya ads...

Vincent Lee said...

Hey Kenee. No prob, we supporting each other. :)
I visited your City boy blog, it's interesting. Keep it up!

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