Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank You, Dad

How did you celebrate your father's day this year? Well, since my dad and I were working in different countries and the day is a working day, I only can call and wish him in the evening and our topic in the phone was about world cup 2010 and my mum. 

I attended a good friend wedding dinner on last night. I was surprised by the bride's father. He was so active that he became almost the host and the man of the night on last night. He gave a speech to thank his special guest and talked about his daughter funny story in the beginning of the dinner. He also gathered some of his mates to play band to entertain the crowd.

Don't you think this should be the saddest and the most proud moment for a dad?

I think he must be someone who very active in the church. This is my first time to see a dad hosting the wedding dinner like this. The bride must be very proud of her dad! I can't imagine what will my dad do for me for my future wedding dinner. In fact, it doesn't matter. Even though my dad doesn't know how to play guitar or give a speech, and even having very bad temper and scold people very often, I'm absolutely honor and respect him as a dad. I still remember he spent most of his savings to allow me to go further study during his hard time and he tried to give his best to the family.

I know the local culture is not used to carry the words like 'I love you' here and there, I still see fathers always show their loves and support to their children. 

Thank you, dad.

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