Tuesday, August 24, 2010

National Car, Proton

Look at Malaysia national car, Proton. It just announced it's net profit of RM85 millions for quarter 2 this year, and it has just turn loss to profit from June 2009 to June 2010 last year, total of Rm269 millions. Are you satisfy with Proton earnings?

Well, I'm a Proton user. I drive Proton for more than 10 years. Am i satisfy with Proton product? Definitely no. I cannot remember which part of them I have yet to change, repeatedly. To be frank, I bought it because it is cheap and easy to get support, not because I love Proton or support national car. We all know, Proton quality is always below expectation. If not because of the vehicle tax, we should have go for Japanese imported car.

The 1st national MPV in 2010. Looks cool right. Quality? I'm not sure. 

From the car selling statistics up to July 2010, Proton is the 2nd top seller in Malaysia. The top seller is Perodua.  In a nutshell, Proton definitely has an edge within the country, because most of the people have not much choice but to buy car from Proton or Perodua (2nd national car brand).

If this is the case, Proton should have make good profit every year with the government protection, isn't it? How come it can make a net loss of RM318 millions from June 2009 to June 2010 last year? Is it because the CEO and other directors pay are just too high? Or the management is sucks? Well, there are just too many negative stories about Proton.

The latest version of Proton Saga is cheap. Quality? I'm not sure.

From the mid of last year , I have heard Proton Managing Director, Dato Zainal Abidin said that he feels shame when he hear his friend complained that their Proton family car quality is bad and there is problem here and there. From the speech, he wanted to slash down the massive car part and accessory suppliers from hundreds to few, develop more attractive models, and improve the quality of the product. These objectives seem are the right things to do, in the first place. I'm not sure whether these objectives are achieved by now, but from the look at the financial results, it seems Proton has improved under the lead of Dato Zainal Abidin.

Car is about driving satisfaction and less problem. If Proton manages to overcome the later problem, I believe we will have less complaints as well. Good luck, Proton.
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