Thursday, September 2, 2010

Easy Profit Via SMS

Why easy money? This is a real story from a 33 years old guy. He worked as a manager in a SMS department under a telecommunication company. He has simply earned RM11 millions in less than 2 years. All he needs to do is just help the advertisers to send adult SMS to the users, and in hope they will subscribe the videos, pictures or stories. Darn, I should have work in a telco SMS department!

Have you try to subscribe these stuffs before?

According to the reporter, his basic pay is about RM4,000. But he owned a Porsche and a BMW. Sorry, these 2 babies cannot satisfied him. He also just booked a Lamborghini for RM1 million before he being caught. If not because of the complaint by the users and the luxury lifestyle he is having , he should be safe and continue to enjoy his super lucrative side income.

See, that's why our local mobiles are always spam by the idiot messages nowadays. Someone is selling our mobile information to the advertisers, or the stupid China lucky draw and credit card info stolen scams. I fully salute with these people, their minds and ideas are just too brilliant in making money, but used them in an inappropriate way.

Now, do you still believe you are so lucky with surprise income?

Anyway, easy money flow-in and out easily, just like people who hit huge lottery jackpot. If you don't save and spend wisely, you will end-up go back to the default situation. Have fun, folks!

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