Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RM47,826,929.50 Cash Out

I'm not a gambler, but I do try my luck sometimes, by investing in Supreme TOTO 6/58, one of the largest lottery jackpot in Malaysia. Of coruse, I did not invest any of it's share due to it's poor management. I wish to tell you that I hit the huge jackpot and I'm going to close my blog right now, because I want to go for world tour vacation with my family. Well, that's remain as a dream today.

I'm very upset today. The largest jackpot in the country is being cash out today. It is close to RM48 millions. What a huge fortunate! I wish I'm the lucky ass hole all the time. According to the system, the lucky bastard bought the numbers in one of Kuala Lumpur lottery station. He shall able to cash out RM47,826,929.50. This fortunate equivalent half yearly income for the REIT company in the country! 

What a lucky bastard! Yes, not only myself, the entire jackpot fans are cursing this fellow! We are envying. Well, I wonder what he/she going to do with this fortune. Perhaps this fellow will start to worry about the fortune threats.

After the huge cash out, the jackpot is now reset to start from RM9 millions onward. To all jackpot fans in Malaysia, perhaps we have to try our luck again for the next rally. Good luck!

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