Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Advice From Gambling Master

Do you like to gamble? I mean gamble in the casino. I have no idea why, there are getting more and more casinos open around the world, just like the recent launch of two casinos in Singapore. We are pretty sure casino is a making money business, including lottery. The games are designed to suck players money. No? Perhaps we can have a survey of how many people, or percentage of winner running out of casino daily.

I just wonder why a lot of people like to gamble, even though they know it is a trap. It is like some kind of drug, once you hit it, there is unlikely to turn back. On the other hand, It is good when you figured out some tricks to win money from the casino, like what we have seen in the movies, like God of Gamble. Most of us  love to see a winner in the casino, and he should be charming.

There is one ex-God of Gamble in China, or so called professional gambler, named Mr. Mah. He possesses almost the best techniques and managed to grab a lot of money from his gambling career. In the end of the day, he jumped out and ask the public to stay away from gambling. Why? He foresees gambling is a big risk for everyone, including the possibility of life threatening! You may want to watch his testimony and some show-off tricks below. I'm sorry, the language of the video below is Mandarin, but I hope you can get what he tried to bring up.

The moral of the story: Even the master of gamble advice us to stay away from gambling, what are the chances we have to grab side income from casino?
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