Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money Donation Business

Well, it's not surprise when people ask you to donate money in the street, for earthquake, flood, Tsunami and all sort of natural disasters around the world. We are kind and we willing to help others when they are in trouble. Perhaps this is our instinct. 

Recently, I was surprise to see a group of youngsters holding a profile and scatter around the coffee shops to ask people for money donation! They are just everywhere, as long as there are coffee shops, bridge or crowded area. They approach each table to talk about their purpose, objective and let you see some pictures and evidences afterwards. Most probably they are asking the public to sponsor the kid's education or food/drink in the poor country. This is abnormal. They know I'm not their target, they are looking at the youngster, uncles or aunties who are naive and friendly. 

Back in 2000, I saw a lot of conmen and conwomen setup some booths in shopping malls to ask people for donation. And their preparation are the worst. These scammers just get ready some pictures of the impair kids and ask you for donation. No receipt, no identification, they just brought their mouth and pictures. Of course, they are still doing a better job than the Email scammers. WTF.

So what are these youngsters doing? I suspect there is a syndicate corporation came out with this idea and hire a lot of youngsters to ask people for donation around the country. I never see those youngsters are so serious and enthusiasm about this job. I suspect they will get commission from every donation they obtained, and the rests will just surrender to the syndicate. The syndicate perhaps managed to convince them about they are 'actually' doing the donation but they need to cover their cost as well by hiring them.

If it is not a scam, I'm sorry about what I posted today. But if this is true, it is really bad, our love are being cheated. How can you expect us to donate anymore when they are really needed? How can we differentiate the truth or scam? Damn, the relevant party did not stand out and give a clear picture to the public about this damn thing. 

I was thinking, what's next.

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