Sunday, September 12, 2010

SALT Movie Review

It seems like a long time I did not review any movie. Perhaps just let me do it this time.

I just watched SALT, casted by Angelina Jolie. It's just a typical Hollywood hero movie. Angelina is like a superwoman, with unbreakable actions to counter the guards and polices, by not killing anyone of them. She also can fight without the doubt of being hit by the gun. Well well, the actions are just not logic at all, and the story also just so so. I don't quite like the castings as well, except Angelina. I can't imagine if not because of Angelina, what will the movie ratings like.

On the other hand, the plot is quite unique to me. That's the attraction of the movie. If you are enjoying action movie, perhaps you'll like it for the first time, just like me.

Here's my personal rating for SALT.
Cast: 5/10
Plot: 8.5/10
Effect: 7
Cinematography: 7/10
Action: 4.5/10
Story line: 7/10
Overall: 6.8/10 

How about Inception casted by Leonardo? People said it is very impressive, I've to find way to watch it.
Have a nice weekend, folks!

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