Friday, September 24, 2010

iPhone 4 Finally On Sale In Malaysia

Why everybody is talking about iPhone 4? The other phones can just put aside huh? It seems like becomes the fact in Malaysia. A continue success for Apple and Steve Jobs!

To grab this business opportunity, DiGi and Maxis have finally come out plans to attract subscribers today. I am expecting good sales for them, as everyone love iPhone 4 so much. I hope it won't be crazy like the crowd queuing in UK or US! 

Soon or later, everyone will be holding iPhone 4 in Malaysia.

Based on the DiGi iPhone 4 and Maxis iPhone 4 plans comparison, picking either DiGi iPhone or Maxis iPhone plan  is almost no-brainer. DiGi iPhone plans offer more Internet data usage, double free SMS and MMS at a lower monthly subscription fee, although free voice calls is less than Maxis. What gives DiGi as a winner is the “Free Internet usage after monthly quota is exceeded”. Meaning, you can unlimited Internet usage! For existing iPhone user, DiGi offers unlimited Internet usage at only RM58 per month if you switch to DiGi Postpaid.

As for Maxis, if you do not want to tied with 24 months contract, then your only choice is Maxis iPhone plans. All DiGi iPhone plans are 24 months contract.

So Digi or Maxis? Or iPhone from China? Your choice. But I hope we won't become the idiot in the video clip below. Have a nice weekend, folks!

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