Friday, March 25, 2011

Is Life Tough?

I would like to apologize that this blog has not update for more than 10 days. Not to worry, I'm not feeling down and give up blogging because I'm jobless.

Over the past 10 days, I've been aggressively thinking and working on my future direction. At the same time, my house's Internet access was down for a few days. It's such a hard life for me without Internet access. I missed so much on,, online newspaper and local share market web sites.

Talk about my previous post, the news is still the same, there is no news for the jobs I applied in KK. Nonetheless, I did go for a couple of interviews using my existing connection. They are not looking good for me, so I decided to give them up. 

Time past like dropping a coin, it's coming to the end of March already. If this 'work in hometown plan' doesn't work out as what I'm expected, I believe it's time to exercise my backup plan, to find a job in the place where I'm working. It should be pretty easy with my existing achievement and connection. So I believe I will be fine.

Perhaps there are not many perfect solutions in this world. We should determine and work out the perfect solution at our own. No winner will win until the end, if he is already satisfied with what he has achieved.

Let's work on it.


Ivy Li said...

Don't worry GOD owes be wif u~ Pls fully reply of GOD & i will pray 4 u^^ Gambateh~

eKimkee said...

LOL. Thanks for your support. All the best.

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