Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Retrenchment Story From Ekimkee

Have you ever being retrenched by your ex-company?

I guess this should be a rare case, if we work diligently and faithfully. However, sometimes it's not within our control. No matter how much effort and time you contributed to your company, close down, economy recession and natural disaster can cause you jobless within a short period.

I've been serving my current company for 3 years. I felt 'very lucky' that I received a notification from my management that I've been retrenched. In fact, it's not only me but the entire team in the region are being retrenched. This should be the first time experience in my life and I felt pitiful about it. I'm being told that the stakeholders decided to shut down this subsidiary operation last month. That's it.

Today, I'm being retrenched in the age of 31. Imagine that what if I've been retrenched in age of 41 or 51, how bad it could be for me to look for another job. Unless the position and field I'm working for is very demanding and extremely skillful, otherwise the age would be a problem. I was thinking, become an entrepreneur could be a permanent solution to avoid being retrenched again in the near future. 

Unfortunately, I'm still very poor in creativity, innovation and imagination. I do not see myself have much improvements over the years. I found out that my personality may not suitable to become an entrepreneur, at least for the time being.

On the other hand, it may consider a good news for me, as I've the intention to return and settle down in my hometown. I would like to live together with my family, relatives and friends. My parents are old and they may lost their ability to take care at their own one day. Another good thing of being single is that I'm portable.

My last working day will be end of this month. I've been looking for job in my hometown over the past few weeks. I applied some jobs via a local online job site, but so far so bad and no reply from the employers at all. 

Whatever it is, I'll go back to my hometown first in early April before stepping forward. Good luck to me in looking for a job in my hometown, I know it is not easy as I'm a little bit demanding. Worst come to worst, I will have to come back and work in the neighbor country again.

By the way, let's not forget to pray for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. 


Ping Yen said...

That's too bad. Hopefully you can find a job soon. You may also take the time to give yourself a holiday. :)

Anonymous said...

tough luck man. hope good luck will come to you soon

eKimkee said...

Thanks for your concern.

No worry, thing will be fine very soon. I hope you are doing fine too.

Life is not as tough as we thought, if we willing to work it out with a little bit of luck.

All the best to all of us.

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