Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stress Release With Pillow Fight?

Are you feeling stress from your work? I'm very stress this entire week. I released my stress via listening to music and share my stress with my close friends.

Is there a better way? Well, if you are in one of the happening cities, may be you can participate Pillow Fights.

Pillow Fights is held every 2nd April in certain countries.

In this day, you can hit the person you don't like, hit the opponent you like, hit the stranger as crazy as you want. It seems to have a lot of fun. The smile from the everybody's mouth is so real.

It's too bad that it is only held once a year. If you missed it, perhaps you need to wait till 2nd April next year, or organize your own stress release day with your friends and colleagues. 

Ah ha, I pity the cleaners who will need to clean tonnes of furs and pillow after the event.

Have a nice weekend, folks!


reanaclaire said...

Hello ..coming by to visit you on a weekend... hope you can contact me at reanact(at) Thanks!

eKimkee said...

Claire, are you sure? Do you know where am I living?

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