Sunday, April 24, 2011

Making A Decision

Are you good in making a decision? 

Making a good decision is not born but made. In fact, there is no good or bad in making a decision. It's all about how much time you take and how much you know about your decision made. 

The more in-depth you understand about it, the faster and more confident you will take to make a decision. For example, which stock counter should I invest in? If we know the stock counters well, we will know when and which counter we should buy. We have trained in a robotic way to make decision for daily routine.

On the other hand, most of the time we are stuck in making a decision because we don't have much detail about it, or we cannot see what is the future picture after we make the decision. We are in doubt to decide if there are too many uncertainty. For example, should I resign from my current job and join the other company because my boss treating me very bad? Will the other company's boss treating me the same way? Will I have a better prospect by joining the other company?

Decision is even harder to make, if there is a pressure behind. For example, my boss will screw me up if I make the wrong decision. Worst come to worst, I've to reimburse the loss from my salary!

We used to seek a lot of advises from experts. But sometimes, experts advises won't help much, if they don't understand the picture you are looking for. Different people have different opinions, so experts advise is based on their own opinion and experience. It's for our reference only, just like the investment tips. I used to listen to my expert friends to invest in Forex by showing me how fast the return. I hit it twice and I lost more than ten thousands dollars in just a couple of weeks.

There is always have better ways to make decision, as long as we don't give up. For me, I would think about the consequences after making the decision. I think about the worst case would happen after the decision is made. If I think this is a better decision and I can accept the worst case, then this should be it. For example, if I'm to invest in Forex, I'm taking the risk of losing all the money invested in this Forex. If I'm okay with it, then  I'll take it.

Besides, time is the most crucial component is making a decision. Of course, the faster the decision you make, the more efficient you are. However, sometimes the information we need or our thinking pop-up late. We only realized it after quite some time. In a nutshell, the more time and effort you spend to look into the source of the problem and alternative you have, the better decision you will able to make.

I hope these tips would help you make a decision better. 

Of course, we know it is a lot more complicated in making a decision in real life, especially related to your career, money or relationship. We always wish we can act aggressive and think out-of-the-box. We cannot escape but we have to walk through it anyhow. Anyway, we should be glad that this is not like the decision made in Three Kingdom which involving many human lives.

Sometimes, apart from the tips above, decision does need a little bit of luck and blessing from God. So do pray to God before you make the decision, you will be good. 

I've been thinking of a decision thoroughly for 2 weeks, and I have just make up my mind. It's very difficult, but I just have to face it. And that's why I chose to write this post and share with you today. 


Anonymous said...

Glad u have make ur own decision. kudos !

eKimkee said...

Hahaha, good words you!
Well, everyone does make decision. Tonnes of them ;)

Blogger said...

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