Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It's Father's Day today. Are you celebrating with your father today?

Father, he is a very special person to me, not only because he is my father, but what he has sacrificed for my brother and me. 

I remembered when I was very young, around 5-6 years old, my family is very poor. My dad worked as a car sales man where my mum is a housewife. 

We used to gather at my grandma's house during weekend. In one of the weekends, my cousin's parents bought a new robot toy to him. The robot is just the latest cartoon shown on the TV that time. I did not know how much it costs during that time. He was very happy and play with it the entire day. My brother and I were so envy about it by watching him to play it. 

After we are looking at the robot for a couple of hours, my cousin invited us to play along. But we did not know the cousin's parents dislike what we are doing. They complained to our parents. My dad did not say anything, but immediately bring us to the supermarket to buy the new robot to us to play. So eventually we are playing the 2 robots in the same shelter. My brother and I were so happy because this is the first robot we owned. 

After that, I got to know from my mum that the robot is quite expensive. Since we know we are poor, my brother and I never requested our parents to buy any toy for us. Perhaps that's why I remembered this case the most in my mind. Of course, I also remembered he sacrificing a lot to my family and myself.

My dad is 65 year old this year. Due to a serious business failure in his early 50's, he still need to work 7 days a week for a living of my family although his remaining debts are cleared. I felt very sorry that I'm helpless, yet to success in career/wealth and unable to bring him any comfortable life right now. 

As I'm working in the neighbor country and I unable to celebrate father's day with him today, I've transmitted some money to my brother to arrange a celebration program for him. I hope he enjoys his day.

Happy father's day, dad.

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