Sunday, October 30, 2011

Entrepreneurs, When is Our Turn?

I have many friends, and 80% are male. I have to admit that male is commonly easier to make friend with compare to female. But that's not our topic today.

How many of you is an entrepreneur? I've tried to become an entrepreneur 4 years ago but I failed terribly. Time flies like rocket that a couple of months more, I will be turning to 32. I'm still work with others for a living today during this golden career age. 

How many of your friend is actually an entrepreneur? I have 1,000 over friends, and in fact only less than 5% of them are entrepreneur. This 5% is excluding of success or struggling entrepreneur. This proves that entrepreneur is a niche market.

When you listen to entrepreneurs' success story, you feel excited because what they shared are really touching and interesting. It may be motivated you to become an entrepreneur as well. Unfortunately, because of comfortable zone and fear of taking risk, most of us choose to listen only without action.

I always give myself an excuse of not becoming an entrepreneur is that I don't have a product or service to let me work with. Even I have worked in the IT industry for 10 years, I also always give myself an excuse that IT industry is too competitive and the profit margin is very low. Yes, full of excuses but yet the excuses are perhaps quite true for me to consider properly before really become an entrepreneur. My previous failure is because I act too fast without much consideration. 

Anyway, I believe relentlessly keep learning, listen more, see more, read more, think more and share more, it will helps to improve our thinking and business mind. To nurture an aggressive and positive thinking is also  vital to make us firm and last longer. Financial planning skill is also indispensable to run our business and cash flow. Dare to take risk is also a strong supplement to boost up the confident to do business.

After spending 3 years to turn from a sick and useless person towards this direction. I feel that I'm half way there. I'm not sure when I'm confident to come out to do my own business again and stuck with a lot of excuses, but definitely I have to keep moving and stay ahead of others. 

I hope I can materialize my entrepreneur dream before I'm 35. I know I can make it. How about you?


elena said...

i enjoy reading your blog esp the one on entrepreneursip. would love to venture into my own business one day.

eKimkee said...

Thanks, Elena.
I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurship. :)

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