Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lesson Learned From A Friend

I have a friend. I named him Han. He is an entrepreneur who has been working so hard day and night for 3 years. He is married with a 2 years old child.

He seldom stays at home. He rather stays in the office to work till late night from Monday to Sunday. After work, he normally He normally call his friend out for drink till mid night.

Know him for about a year, he never mentioned about his house and talk about his family. I'm curious about it for long.

One of the night last week, he finally shared about it. He doesn't want to mention about his living place. He is living with his wife's parents and brother couple. 8 people sharing a small and broken rented house. They are the poor, including Han. Han is an entrepreneur and his company has made some handsome money. But he has reinvested almost all money to let his business to grow further.

I wonder why he always does not take shower. He shared that his house pipe was broken and the landlord has no money to fix it for many months. He only can take bath when nobody is using the water, which is mid night.

His wife's family don't like him, because he doesn't like the way they live and act. They have different culture of living. That's why he doesn't like to stay in the house. 

He has brought a house recently and plan to move in mid of next year. He decided to give up his wife family, and only bring along his wife and daughter. 

Why I want to share this real story? I found out 2 things from his story.
1) If you don't like other, other won't likes you too. If you feel that other still like you, perhaps you still have value or he/she is fake.
2) Some people like to talk about how good they are in front of you. You may envy them. But you have yet to see the worst of their side. So be glad that you are still yourself.

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