Sunday, June 24, 2012

Change or Die?

You change or you die.

This is what HTC's CEO told his employees in the annual performance meeting. It is true. Without changing, a business will just continue to make what it is having, until competitor takes over. There are few examples, like the giants Nokia, Kodak, and perhaps Microsoft (in the mid of crisis). The local giants like PROTON and MAS are also the examples of failures without change. 

Change is not about you need to be creativity or you must change no matter how. It's about improvement, bit by bit improvement, every moment and everyday. The world is becoming very competitive today, without change, it is only time matter to over take by others.

It's not only about business, it's about a person as well. If we continue to do the same thing everyday, over and over again and we are comfortable with it, then we can say that we have stopped changing. For example, you are a admin and you are very good in Microsoft Word and Excel. After 5 years, if you are still doing the same thing without other improvement. What if the other person can offer the same thing as you? Where's your value? How do you expect your boss to promote your wages, or perhaps go to other company to get a better offer? 

Another example is investment. If you think investment can make you rich, that's not enough. You have to act on it. If you don't have capital to do so, you have to make a change to the existing condition to enable you to do so. You have to learn to be daring to invest once you have the capital. Not only that, you have to learn to invest as well.

Well, that's about change. Continuously learning with motive can lead to a positive change. And that's what most of the successful person taught. Perhaps we don't really want to be successful like those tycoons, but we do want have a comfortable living lifestyle. It is not only for us, but for our spouse, family and children. 

Learn to stand out from others by making a difference. Once you make it becomes a habit, you are about there. Have a nice weekend ahead.

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