Friday, June 1, 2012

Enterprise Award

I was represented my company to go for our principal Channel Summit in Kuala Lumpur city and received the South East Asia top sales award from the principal last 2 weeks ago. This is my first time to attend such an event and receive such an award. It's a definitely good exposure and experience to me.

The summit was held at a grant hotel in the middle of the city, which the hotel room is impressive. Of course, it is not cheap as well. No doubt, the overall event and workshops were boring to me, as all the sales directors were trying to give marketing talks and statistics to motivate their partners (customer) to sell more. But there are something to learn as well on the other hand, like what are the key point to sell, what is the market direction, etc.

Anyway, my company was awarded with the top sales based on last year revenue performance. It is proud to represent my company to receive this most valuable award, and follow by a media release in the local newspaper. 

IT industry is very competitive, especially for the hardware manufacturer giant like Dell, HP and IBM. They keep acquiring other smaller companies to make them stronger in terms of solution and revenue. For system integrator like us, it may be a good news, as we can sell more under one single solution provider. 

The stiff competition also reminded me that I cannot just stay as where I am today, even though I'm still a lot behind the schedule. I must continuously create value for myself, my company and also the society. It sounds like a never ending tough life. But if you think it has a lot of fun, then it will be. Cheers.

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