Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Real Story about Lee Kuan Yew's Leadership

My friend shared with me about a story of his friend's father 2 weeks ago regarding Singapore first Prime Minister, belated Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's strong leadership.

Back in early 1980s, Brunei is still dominance by United Kingdom. Mr. Lee visited Brunei to discuss about Brunei independence matter with the British. At that time, his friend's father, Lim was working in a Chinese restaurant.

One night, Mr. Lee was having dinner and discussion with the British in that particular restaurant. The British were used to address Lim as 'boy'. When they call boy, it means they want to order something in the restaurant.

Mr. Lee keeps quiet in the first place. When he wants to order something, instead of follow the British, he address Lim as Mr. Lim, and then proceed with the order. The British heard what Mr. Lee conversation, and all went silent for a moment.

No doubt, Lim remembered what Mr. Lee did and the amount of respect He paid to Lim. Lim waited till the children grew up and shared with them about this story as well. And then his son shared with his friends, then to us, and from me to here.

From this story, we learned one of the important leader's traits, show respect first before you deal. I remembered it is being taught in Dale Carnegie's book, address people's name first. :)

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