Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Short Visit to Labuan Island

 I just back from a 2 days’ vacation trip from Labuan island, Malaysia.

The last time I was there for a business trip about 6 years ago. 6 years has past and I noticed nothing much changed in terms of infrastructure and development, perhaps it is just a small island and land size is very limited.

The economy there seems like not as great as 6 years ago. The town is flooded with foreigners and I don’t see much locals there in the town even tomorrow is the National Day. The foreigners I’m talking about are not tourists but foreign workers from neighbor countries especially Philippines. This island town center is flooded with Philippinos, especially when you visiting their local pubs and get non-license taxi, including the waiters, waitresses and PRs. 

Due to inflation and the drop of MYR currency, the so called duty free alcohol is also not as cheap as I thought anymore. But it is still comparatively cheaper compare to the other places in Malaysia. In terms of tourists, I only can see most of them are Bruneians. They are here like me to kill their weekends. I no longer seeing a lot of tourists from western countries and Asians. I don’t know why perhaps not the right timing.

I don’t think I will revisit Labuan again in the near future as I don't find myself enjoying there. However, it’s great to catch up with some friends together with this trip to kill the weekend.

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