Sunday, February 26, 2017

Truth of Life?

Found an interesting picture from Facebook last week would like to share with you here. Look at the picture below, do you have any feeling about it?

I believe different age will have different feeling. For those in the mid age of 30 to 40, they might realize it is true. Imagine economy has been in a bad shape for 2 years, high inflation and currency depreciation, we are not sure when it will going to be recovered. We have to work extraordinary hard to exchange for more money. These money may be just barely keep us survive, take care of our self and family. If it is excess, we will make use of it for health protection, savings and investment for our retirement or children educations.

And in the end, we are just like the old man in the picture, chasing all the way till we are old enough. We then got the wealth, but we forgotten to enjoy and do more important things around us when we are capable to do so.

It reminds me the top billionaires in ASEAN countries, where they are also fighting extraordinary hard to keep or expand their business empires. When they are old, they cannot bring the wealth away, but to pass to their children, if no then successor.

Even the picture is just a joke, but it does indicate a lesson to us. No doubt, money is vital but it just part of our life. More importantly, we should do what we like. Time is gold, we should enjoy ourselves while making money. How I wish I can return to 15 years ago and choose the profession I like! 

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