Sunday, March 26, 2017

How to Improve Employees Loyalty?

I always hear a lot of bosses complaining about their staff, in terms of performance, quality and loyalty.

Among all, perhaps employers would like to pay high attention to high performance staffs’ loyalty. As they may able to churn out infinite values to the company. If they are not taken care properly, they may either jump to competitor or come out at their own to seek for better return.

I have come across a magazine’s article about 3 simple ways on how to improve the royalty of the employees, to let them fight for you.

1.       Reward Adequately
I did see some stingy and generous bosses. But please don’t get me wrong. Some bosses have their own ways to reward their staffs, but they are pretty stingy when come to operating and personal expenses. If the staff achieve what they want, please do reward adequately. With great reward, they will know how to achieve out of their best. Else, who want to fight hard for you without it?

2.       Empowerment
Avoid micro management. Once you empowered your trusted employee to execute the goal, he / she should have full authorization. Do not overwrite them unless they are misaligned with the goal. If you feel uncomfortable, do ask them to provide weekly report or have weekly meeting to discuss the progress.
3.       Prioritization

Human makes mistakes, so do your trusted staffs when they execute the company’s goal. Do prioritize the goal and embrace their mistakes. Discipline is important. But sometimes because of pursuing company’s goal, it is unavoidable to break the rule to get the best out of it.

4.       Encouragement
The boss would need to consistently encourage and make sure the staff are progressing. The history shows that they can execute the company goal better if there’s positive courage from the superior. A simple conversation of the day perhaps will makes his / her day.

Have fun being a management.

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