Sunday, April 2, 2017

Common Traits for Local Top Sales

I read a business magazine lately reporting a couple of top sales in Taiwan doing well amid this economy recession. Coincidentally, I also came across a local newspaper article on reporting a couple of top sales that are doing very well amid the worsen economy situation in Malaysia. And what beaten me was, I also came across the local top sales sharing how they walk against the crowd to get their title on air (radio)!

You have to know most of the salespersons are struggling for their numbers during this hard time. It’s very challenging to exceed the target quota company assigned and become the top sales during this period. But if you are, then I would like to congratulate you. Because you managed to stand out of the crowd and become a top sales during this period! And if you managed to hit it now, most probably you will be doing even better when the good time is coming.

Apart from sharing their numbers hit, they also shared what are the secrets to achieve it. Well, some you may feel are common, entertaining and exaggerated, but some perhaps can take it as reference. However there are few traits and sharing these successful top sales have in common. Below are few of them I remembered and would like to share with you.

1)      Faced Initial Failure and Rejection
Most of them faced initial failure. Even though they spent a lot of efforts, they get a lot of rejections from the customers initially. Some of them are not familiar with the products or services, workflow, industry, etc, that caused them losing the deals.

2)      Getting a mentor
Most of them have a mentor or immediate supervisor / manager which have vast experience and successful assisting them.

3)      Extraordinary hardworking
They are extraordinary hardworking than anyone else in the group, company and industry. This seems the essential rule of thumb to climb in the sales field. They sacrificed their leisure, dating, family and hobby in order to work this out.

4)      Passion in their job
Normally you found they have great passion in what they are doing. Yes, perhaps it’s because of money, but they do like to do it. Else, eventually the customer can feel that they are just entertaining them for money only.

5)      They treat the customers as friends
Well, it’s always easier to sell to friends compare to stranger, because friends do help!

6)      Stay out of comfortable zone
If you want to be outstanding, you have to try something other salespersons don’t try. Perhaps some of unique sales tactics and strategies. Else how to achieve outstanding numbers? Always staying out of comfortable zone in order to make more out of it.

If you want to make more money at this difficult time and you are highly interested with the traits above, perhaps you can consider to be involving in the sales field.

In fact, these traditional traits are actually in the midst of outdated from my opinion. If you are able to think and do out of the box, perhaps you will make it anyhow. 

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