Sunday, April 9, 2017

Personal Sales Experience Sharing

In my previous post, I shared on the common traits about top sales. Today, I would like to share a little bit on my sales experience. 

I do involving in the sales field, unfortunately I'm not the top sales in my industry in terms of numbers. Currently I'm still far away from the top sales. Nonetheless, I'm a person who is always wanting to spend effort to improve and achieve my goals. 

I noticed that extraordinary hardworking is insufficient nowadays, as most of the sales will have to do so. To stand out from the ordinary batch, my experience taught me 3 things, as follows:

1) Work differently 

If you follow the same sales strategy and methods that most salespersons are applying, then the outcome perhaps more or less the same. Yes, price always dominant the decision, but it's not 100%. That is why we have top sales. How to work differently? 

There's many strategies you can find online or from books, The advantages can be relationship i.e. make friends, sales pitch i.e. know how to convince, referrals - highly recommended by prospects' friends, etc.

2) Prepare to change

Things are changing, so do sales strategy, products and solutions. I do see some products have not make a single change over the past 5 years, and that is why their revenues are dropping. To remain on top or become a top sales, sales strategy always need to accommodate or adjust to the latest trend or market. Or we call it constantly improve. Don't strictly follow the rules. 

For example, I noticed one IT infrastructure vendor is a top sales vendor selling network hardware solution. And recently they have launched new network solution which is cloud. And the customers are buying their ideas because the cloud solution saves them a lot of CAPEX.

3) Efficiency

With the advent of the technology, communications make easier, and things get done faster nowadays. So do our efficiency. We all like to be serve in priority. For example, an ordinary salesperson spent about 3 days to handle 1 case, we tried to spend 1 day instead. I'm always practicing it, and believe me, it always works and the customer might return if the price is right. 


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