Sunday, March 8, 2009

50% Discount at Restaurant

Do you visit restaurant frequently?

Perhaps it is common that you enjoy dine-in for 10% to 20% discount if you use certain credit cards and member card. But, how about 50% discount on all food and drinks?

On last month, my colleagues and I visited 2 of the 50% discount promotion's restaurant. One is mixed western-and-Chinese restaurant, and the other one is pure-western food. After 50% of discount, the price is apparently cheaper compared to the original price.

It's 50% discount at restaurant is rare?

One steak set dinner cost us about S$10 per plate, where the usual price is S$20. But it was really unsatisfied, the portion is greatly reduced and it's not so delicious. Well, I would say we won't dare to visit 50% discount promotion restaurant again. So do think twice if you notice such an advertisement on newspaper or road side.

I'm not trying to emphasize the lesson I encountered here today, but I want to highlight on why the restaurant owners want to spoil their restaurant goodwill and quality during promotion. What is the purpose of the promotion? It is to attract more people to your restaurant and trying to do a better business, right? If it is a promotion, we would expect the quality and the portion would be the same as usual, right? But if you do your promotion very badly, for sure the customers will disappointed and they might not consider to visit the same restaurant again.

I still could not figure it out why until now.

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