Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Vacation at Island

It's recession everywhere, I believe not many people have the mood to go for vacation nowadays, especially for the time being. It's true. Now We learned to try to save as much as we can to cater for the future needs.

On the other way round, we still need to relax ourselves and go for vacation to reward our hard works done. Otherwise there is no any meaning of gaining all the money and keep it for the sake of future needs. It's also very true. Well, if we want to, we can always look and go for budgeted vacation first. Once we are rich, we can go for more luxury vacation. It's not a big deal, as long as the desire is there.

I watched a movie about people's dream to go to island for a vacation lately. It really inspired me to organize a trip to a local island which my friends and I haven't visited there before. When I shared with my friends about the plan, they are excited about it too. As a result, we plan to visit Tiga Island.

Overview of Island Tiga

What's attracted me about Tiga island? Well, I believe you've already heard about it, it was the main location of the once upon popular TV programme 'Survivor' shot in 1999. It is chosen because of it's beautiful landscape and pristine natural environment. According to my friend, the island was formed through the eruption of several mud volcanoes. The last explosion happened in 1941 and it's remaining relatively passive until now. However, we still can found several small mud vocanoes spewing cool mud near the summit of the island. I heard that mineral mud is good for our skin by making sort of mud bathing. It's a 'must-do' activity in Tiga island! Apart from mud bathing, we also can diving, play water sports, trekking, bird watching etc. I'll definitely go for mud bathing and water sports, since I don't have a diving license yet.

Mud bathing at Tiga Island

Basically Tiga Island is one of the main islands Pulau Tiga Park, which consists of another 2 mini islands namedly Pulay Kalampunian Besar and Kalampunian Damit (known as Snake Island). Most of the visitors will overnight at Tiga Island and pay a visit to Snake island in the next day. Right, Snake island has nothing much as for itself, which composed of sandstone, limestone and shale, which covered in thick vegetation. However, this island is a breeding site for the amphibious sea snake, so called sea kraits. They can be found under rocks, in cracks and on trees around the island. They stay in the island during the day time and back to the ocean at night time. But don't worry about the visit to the island, as these snakes are venom-free and timid. Perhaps we will overnight at Tiga Island so that we can take some fantastic photos with them while we are there the next day.

Water Snake in da house.

In case you haven't know, Tiga Island is located 45km far from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. To reach there, you have to drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Penyu for about 2 hours. And then take a 45 mins boat from Kuala Penyu port. Alternatively, you can also get there by speedboat from Kota Kinabalu or Labuan and take about 90 mins.

Tiga Island beach view

Well, I shall update my journey with some nice pictures at Tiga Island once it is comes true.
So, what about your vacation plan now?

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